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1. The Steampunk Adventurers Guide - Autographed
2. Automaton Eye Ring
3. His Masters Voice Ear-Trumpet Stud
4. Steampunk Folding Fan
5. Leather Wrist Tag
6. Black Garment Leather
7. Bronze Taffeta
8. Lavender Paisley Brocade
Top Sellers
1. Dual Magnifying Lens Insert (Goggles/Monocle)
2. Steam Laboratory Brass Goggles (Base Set)
3. Crosshair Insert (Goggles/Monocle)
4. Steampunk Gear, Gadgets, and Gizmos - Autographed
5. 2X Magnifier Lens Fitting (Goggle/Monocle)
6. Basic Brass Goggles
7. Clockwork Site Mechanism Insert (Goggles/Monocle)
8. Treasure Map Corset

Your Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our highest priority.  As the owners of Brute Force Studios, we guarantee the highest standards in quality and the best fit possible.  If your corset does not fit upon your receiving it, we will custom create your corset until you are satisfied.

All of our corsets are made using not two, but FOUR layers of fabric surrounding sturdy yet comfortable spring steel boning and two-inch wide steel busks.  We guarantee all of our products against any defects in manufacturing for six (6) months from the date of purchase.

It is true you can buy a cheaper corset somewhere else...but then, you would have to WEAR it.

If you have a problem with your corset, please email us with your concern. If, after speaking with us, you need to return the corset for repair or replacement please mail your corset along with a copy of your sales receipt and a short note explaining the problem to:

Brute Force Studios
1024 S. 18th St.
Harrisburg, PA. 17104

To reach us by phone please call +1 (717) 695-2247. If your inquiry is time sensitive or otherwise urgent, you may also reach us at +1 (717) 329-5345 for instant gratification.

Thomas Willeford, Owner
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