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Dr. Grimmelore Superior Replacement Arm (RA_100)

As seen on and on ABC's "Castle" (worn by Nathan Fillion), this is quite possibly the most recognizable piece of steampunk costuming ever made. The Dr. Grimmelore Superior Replacement Arm is a highly detailed and labor-intensive artistic masterpiece. No two are ever alike. Each arm weighs approximately 10 lbs.

This is a custom item made to order and requires many measurements. Please send us a message to discuss your design.

Model: Pete Carter
Photographer: Nuby DeLeon

FINE PRINT: Due to the labor-intensiveness of this piece, delivery time is approximately 6 months, when supplies are available. If this will not suit your deadline, please ASK us if it can be done BEFORE placing your order and we will be as accommodating as we possibly can. If you require a rush delivery, please make a NOTE in the comments section of your order, so that we have it on record. If you do not, we can NOT guarantee delivery by that date. International Express Mail (Overnight) orders will require a valid phone number and will incur additional shipping fees. Remember, we are MAKING all of these products by hand, here in Pennsylvania. Thank you.

Our Price: $2,500.00

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Dr. Grimmelore Superior Replacement Arm

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